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To Dare
Discussion by Merlin Raven Song
The Witch's Pyramid is a set of four principles  Witches keep with the rest of their
tools to be successful practitioners of their craft.  

To Know (Wisdom) is not just reading books and websites about witchcraft. To know
is to learn your craft from those who have years in the practice, and most of all to learn
from ones own practical magick experience.  Since Witchcraft is the spirituality of the
wise - educating oneself is the life long journey of the practitioner.  (Related to

To Dare (Doing) is to know oneself enough to endeavor into darkness with faith that
one will emerge into the light. Daring oneself results in the personal growth that would
not have been accomplished without the effort. To dare means to go against the grain
until one sprouts from the seed so to bath in the sun. Using magick is always uncertain
for the practitioner. But, when the time is right, and when preparations are made, the
challenge of casting a spell, meditating and seeking positive outcome becomes
successful.  (Related to South/Fire)  

To Will (Strength) means power. It is the power inside to not be swayed in doing what
is detrimental. It is the power and fortitude to build up internal energy to accomplish
goals and intentions. Such power must be built up to perform magickal workings with
the desired outcome. Prepare oneself by being certain that the magick is necessary,
preparing tools, and aligning mind, body and spirit before the endeavor.  (Related to

To Silence (Virtue and Protection) equals both Virtue and Protection. When we were all
children we made wishes on  stars or on birthday cakes. We were always told to keep
the wish to ourselves so that it would come true. That is because wishes are sacred and
a special deal between the wisher and the Universe. To divulge the wish breaks the
sacred bond. It also comes from the possibility that others would try to throw a
wrench into another person's dreams for whatever the reason.  It is believed that
anything which is shared looses some power. For that reason it is advised to be prudent
about sharing information on any magickal practices or spell performed.

Prudence is also suggested when divulging to others about being a practitioner of
magick. Although the
Burning Times are behind us there is still much to lose when
other people know about it. Unless you are prepared to come out of the broom closet,
and do not feel there will be ramification with your family and friends, remember that
silence can be a golden virtue.  (Related to East/Air)   
To Keep Silence
To Know
To Will
The Witch's Pyramid