Blessed Be, and welcome to the African American Wiccan
Society. Although we are called
The African American Wiccan
our organization is not exclusively Wiccan, and we are
open to anyone (of all backgrounds) who wishes to celebrate in
the Metaphysical Pagan spirit that is spreading throughout our
world and the United States. The spirit of the Lady and Lord is
being felt by many.      

We are Pagans and believers of the metaphysical
arts, practitioners of alchemy, and seekers of various Mysticisms
and Mysteries of Divinity. Our primary purpose is to support
minorities who are interested in the many Pagan religions and
practices including Wicca, various Spiritualisms, various
Witchcrafts, Ontology, Shamanism, Kemetics, and African
Diasporas religions such as Ifa, Santeria, Candomble, Hoodoo,
and Umbanda - just to name a few.

Our Charge is to:

Support people of color in the pursuit of Pagan  
knowledge and practices.

Educate and give ministry to
any true seeker of the Pagan

To build membership and inform members about networks,
merry meets, Pagan groups, workshops and celebrations that are
important to them.

To reassure people of color that they are not alone in the quest
for the spiritual self.
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Follow AAWiccanSociety on Twitter
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