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am an African American Woman who has been practicing the Craft for
4yrs.now. It has been so hard finding ...Wiccans or Pagans. Most I find on the
~ Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed hearing you on blogtalkradio. I too
net are into African based religons. I too... was raised Christian (Evengelical)
an never seem to connect with it. I found Wicca one day when I was going
Witchcraft was like salve for my broken, womanly soul. Since then, I have
taught both my daughters, 20 and 23 years old about Witchcraft and they too
have seen the difference it makes in a person`s life. Anyway just wanted to say
how truly awesome you are and thanks so much for sharing your knowledge
with the rest of us SISTAS! Much love ~ Lisa K.   
~ Blessings. I am so glad to find a site that can address African Americans and
Wicca/Paganism. This is a beautiful but scary path for me. Scary in the sense
that I come from a Methodist southern background and as an adult became a
Sunni Muslim. There's always been the desire to study Wicca/Paganism but was
always terrified because I know everyone in my family/friends would damn me
to hell and swear I worship satan. Hoping to connect with others to help me on
my journey. I'm studying Wicca as well as Celtic paganism. Any help would be
greatly appreciated. Many Thanks ~ Kamara F.
~I'm SOOO glad the Universe led me here! ~ Darus W.
~ Ive been looking for a site like this for a long time... Thank You ~ Belinda
~This music is beautiful, and I love the Indian Ten Commandments.
male ... Man really screwed things up!!! Mother earth and it's inhabitants
need so much more respect from all of us. ~ David B.
~I am so happy I found your page!!!! I am so suprised and shocked!
~ I never thought a group like this existed. I guess seek and you shall find.
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