Offering to Yemeya
Painting by Sandra M. Stanton, Copyright ©
African American Wiccan Society Copyright © 2000- 2017
Primeval Mother of the Sea

Sometimes spelled Yemeja, Yemaya, Yemaja or Yemoja  She is the original
"Stella Maris" (Star of the Sea) goddess, and She is admired all over the world.
Originally a West African goddess from the Yoruba religion, She is apart of the Orisha
pantheon along with her little sister Oshun and her big siter Oya. Yemeya is now
celebrated throughout the Afro American religions. What makes Yemeya so different is
the admiration that she shares with other "goddesses of the Sea" such as Aphrodite,
goddess of Salmon or "Salmon Woman"
(Tsimshiam), and Mazu (Chinese).  

Goddesses of the sea are considered Mothers of creation, and are thought of as the
primordial Mothers of all living things. So powerful is their symbol that some have
added the
goddess Mary to their pantheon to be included in that energy.
Because She is primordial Mother, Yemaya is the Spirit of creativity, sensitivity,
wisdom, healing, emotions, nurturing, compassion, love and loving embrace, for She
hold the Womb of the world in Her being. Sea birds, fish and sea creatures are Her

Yemeya is often depicted as a mermaid and a Spirit of protection.

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