Perhaps one of the most popular Orishas, Shango (Chango, Xango or
Sango), the fourth king in the Yorubaland Oyo Empire, was  powerful,
but some of the people in the Oyo Empire thought he was unfair. When
two of his ministers challenged him for the throne, Shango fled into
the forest. He wandered into the forest for a long time and eventually it
is said, that he hung himself from a tree. It is said that after he was
found a great thunderstorm ripped through his empire and killed the
ministers who challenged him, and destroyed their homes. It is said
that Shango went to the heavens and throw lightning volts at them.

Another  story stated that Shango was so fascinated by magick that he
accidentally created lightning and it destroyed his family, and he hung
himself in sorrow and remorse. At any rate the consistent story is that
he became an Orisha Ancestor who the Yoruba people came to adore .

Shango's energy is said to be the most intense and powerful, perhaps
because he was a born leader, strategist, and very strong willed.
Shango has the abilities to control all extreme energies-- good and bad,
dark and light, empathy and aloofness, peacefulness and war. His
god-children (devotees) admire his problem solving abilities, and his
devotion to get things done.
Shango is also known for his sexual prowess, fertility and his ability to procreation. When he married Oshun she
bared him twins, thus giving him the reputation of being a fertility god, or the god of multiple births. He may also
have gotten his fertility title because he is a woman chaser. He loves women and he doesn't mind letting them know it.
Shango is married to three Orisha goddesses; Oya, Oshun and Obba. Shango wields a double-edged ax as a king
wields a scepter. The ax represented his power over extremes and his power in two directions.

Attributes: Power, defeating enemies, victory, sensuality, virility, justice, protection, magick, Fire, lightning, thunder,
drumming, legal matters, male health problems, finding a husband or wife, good luck, bringing money, new job.
His colors are red and white. Beads are made up of six red beads followed by six white beads. Then, a red bead
alternates with a white bead six times. The pattern is repeated until the preferred length is obtained. His numbers are
4 and 6. Like Zeus, Shango enjoys the power of the Lightning bolts and the Thunder. It is said that Shango creates
thunder and lightning by casting stones to the ground. Wherever lightning strike his priests search the surrounding
areas for the thrown stones which usually has a double-headed axe shape called thunderstones, which are believed to
have mystical power.
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