Priestess Jeanine DeOya, MSW
African American Wiccan Society Copyright © 2000 - 2017
Natural Witch, Relationship Counseling,
Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor, Tarot
Reader,  Dream Interpretations

Born an Intuitive-Empath, Jeanine has a Master
in Social Work, and born with a "Sensitive"
ability to pick up energies from people and
entities since she was a child. Her Spirit Guides
came to her just before puberty. They have
guided her life ever since. She has practiced
Wicca/Witchcraft for over twenty-five years.
Blessed Be – Peace, Love and Light.
Rev. Jeanine is an ordained Priestess of the The Correllian
Nativist Tradition and has an Ordination from Universal Life
Church She has been a student of Wicca and the Metaphysical for
20 years.  She holds a MSW degree and is the Author of the book
Portal into the Light of Truth: The First Book of Wicca for
African Americans

You can contact at to make an

My lady left me when I needed her the most. I also needed funding for two
important projects. One was with formal Vice Presidential Al Gore climate
leader training. The other was a diamond mining project. I sent a message to
Jeanine and she help me with a reading.
She told me I would be fine and that the worst was over. She predicted that  a
partner will come to fund my diamond mining project! A Day later, a former
Congress Lady offered to contribute to my trip to US, and 3 days later a
serving Minister in my country approved further funding for my trip to the
United States for training in Al Gore's climate reality project! The best part
was that a partner showed up and offered me the full cash I need to renew my
license to  mechanised diamond mining!

Paul M. (Abuja)
or $45.00 per Full Hour
Jeanine's Main Goal is to Help People in their Life's Journey.
She has helped many find their Path on their Journey.
Let her help You  !

Call: 919 404 9141 Anytime,
or Leave a message for an immediate callback.