Priestess Jeanine DeOya
African American Wiccan Society Copyright © 2000 - 2017
Natural Witch and Spiritual Advisor
Born an Intuitive, Jeanine has the "Intuitive"
ability to pick up energies from people and
entities since she was a child. Her Spirit Guides
came to her just before puberty.
They have guided her life ever since. As
a Practitioner for over 25 years now
Priestess Jeanine holds a Master in Social Work
with professional counseling experience.
She became an initiated by the Rev. Don Lewis of
the Year 1 Aquarius (2001 AD).
In 2001 She published her book

"Portal Into the Light of Truth: The First Book
of Wicca for African Americans".

Are You Looking For
A Mentor to Start You Into the Wiccan Path?

Are You Having Relationship or Money

Do You Need a Custom Made Spell?

Would You Like to Meet Your Spirit Guide?

Do You Need a Tarot Reading or Dream

Tarot Card Consultation is $1.00 per minute or
$45.00 Per Hour
Jeanine's Main Goal is to Help People along
their Life's Journey.
She has helped many. Let her help You!
Call: 919 404 9141 Anytime,
or Leave a message for an immediate callback.
Read A Testimony
The Tarot
I started studying with the tarot 1995, but only did casual readings. Five
years after a tarot deck mysteriously came in the mail to me. I fell in
love with the cards, and I have been reading consistently ever since.
The tarot chose me as its reader and convinced me to continue my
journey in reading them. Every reading is now an adventure for me. It
is exciting for me to assist and  help each person work through their
life's journey by interpreting all the possibilities.

Dream Interpretations
The gift of esoteric narrative makes dream interpretation very natural
for me. I can tell you if a dream is psychological, out of body
experience (OBE), or a spiritual message. Spirit guides, Ascended
Masters and Ancestors often gives messages through dreams. Gifted
with Empathic and Institutive abilities, as well as my own experience
with Spirit guides, it allows me to interpret a dream so accurately the
querent always tell me the interpretations were exact to their own inner
thoughts, and to their own innate instincts.

Mentoring in Wicca /Witchcraft
If you have an interest in Witchcraft I can get you started and on your
way. I can answer your questions, and give you consultation to find out
where you are in the beginning of your journey.

Need a Spell?
I do magickal workings. Let me know the spell you need, and a custom
made tried and true spell can be done for you. With a consultation we
decide what is right for you.