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The Yoruba People Say: The Rainbow is the Pride of the Heavens

Ochumare, is considered the cosmic channel amongst the goddesses of the
Universe. She links the goddesses to the Earth and the Universe. She is usually
depicted as a nude black woman wearing a winged mask who sits in a lotus
position as She balances the rainbow between Her outstretched arms. She rest
in beauty of self awareness. She is blissful because she is in tune with the
Universe. She sits upon the Universal waters and the cosmic lily pads
symbolizing Her eternal presence. Her nudity symbolizes Her purity and the
ultimate "Pride of Self". Her mask is a sign of strength within Her mystery.

The Earth in Her lap spins from the absolute energy that she provides from
Her navel. She is the source of Cosmic power. Ochumare is often associated
with the Primordial Energy of Kundalini, Charkas, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation
and the "Serpent Power of Healing"

Goddess of the Rainbows
Artist Asungi  Copyright 1982