He is Considered the King of the White Cloth and the Elder Father Figure of all Orishas.

Since the Orishas are considered Queens and Kings he is considered King of Kings. In the lore of the Orisha,
Obatala is considered central to the creation myth of the ancient Yoruba cultures of West Africa. Obatala is
creator of all Humanity by order of the “The Creator- All Knowing- All Seeing
s/he God” Oldumara (Ol-du-
ma-ray) or is sometimes called Olorun. Although it is Olorun who created the Universe and the Orishas, it is
Obatalá who is the creator of the Earth.

On orders of Olorun, Obatala came down from the heavens and hovered over the waters with dirt and a
chicken in his hands. He casted the dirt into the water and a small mass of land appeared. He placed the
chicken on the land where it scratched and the Earth developed as we know it today.  After the land mass
was created Obatala began to molded the image of humans from the dirt and soil for Olorun to breathe life
into them. Because of this he is considered the molder of Human Kind.  For the priesthood Obatala owns the
heads of all human-beings until they are initiated to a particular Orisha. Once that happens that Orisha owns
that person's head.

Obatala has many aspects. Obatala is considered the Orisha of the White and Silver Cloth, because of his
demands for humans to seek spiritual pure light to bring out truth and clarity. He is considered the Orisha of
Justice. This means he demands truth. Obatala is often called for help in trials and court cases, however he
only helps those who are innocent and or speak the truth. Obatala punishes those who lies or go against
justice. He is the Judge who enforces the Karmic Law. He is the Orisha to go to when one has to make
amends.  Other Orishas hold him in great respect, because of his Emperor type judgment style as a negotiator
and his advocacy for peace and diplomacy between them.

Obatala is the only Orisha who is hermaphroditic-- having both female and male aspects; therefore there are
both male and female incarnations of Obatala. In Cuban Santeria, for example, Obatala sits in her white-
garbed form as Our Lady of Mercy or with Jesus Christ. She may also be Ochanla, a very old female who
sits quietly and knits.

Obatala is also the patron of deformed or disable children which is the job he took on when one day he drank
too much palm wine and molded children incorrectly with missing limbs, mental disabilities, genetic defects
and deformities. From that day forward he claimed all these children as his own, and he promised Olorun
that he would never drink palm wine again.

Obatala Personality and Attributes:

Obatala major aspect is that of the kindly old and wise father figure dressed in white and carrying a staff. In
many aspects he is a young viral man holding a torch or a sword representing truth, and finding justice. His
King of Kings title means he is intelligent and smart. He has sobriety, sensibility and moral energy.
Since he
is a creator Orisha he also respects creativity of any form or size.

Obatala is married to Yemaya; the Goddess of the Ocean and the personification of the Earth Mother. They
have many children.  

white goats, white hens, coconuts , milk, rice, white doves, fresh water, eggs and white yam. Never offer
Obatala liquor or spirits of any kind.   
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