What is Magick?

What is Magick?
Even many of us who practice magick may be hard pressed to explain it. It is just like
plugging into an outlet or being on a computer. One may be able to use it but don’t ask
how it works—it just does. We who practice mysticism spell magick with a “k” to
differentiate from illusionists, and so not to get the two types of practices confused.

So, the question is, what is magick? Magick is a sudden sweet breeze blowing through the
oak trees. It is the annual appearance of cherry blossoms trees in bloom. It is being at
your oldest child’s college graduation. It is playing a number that came to you in a dream,
and winning. It is getting the keys to your first new home or brand-new car. It is taking a
vacation and finding a beautiful hidden cove. It is the birth of your first child, and seeing
into their eyes for the very first time. It is looking up at a starry sky. It is seeing the play
“The Lion King.” It is falling deeply in love.  Magick is a feeling, an action, and or a
success. Magick is also the beauty that is provided for us by human hands or by pure
providence. We, as spirits, are having human experiences. And, these experiences are
magickal. They are magickal because life happens to us through cause and effect. Some
are intentional and some are unintentional. Either way we manifest with actions or
intentions, which brings about cause, effect and change.

Spiritualists believe there is more to magick than what is seen or what is known. The
ancient mystics in Egypt, and as far back as Mesopotamia, believed that there are mystical
laws that work for those who are willing to know them and see beyond the veil of Earthly
bounds. All one needs to do is look outside the human consciousness and believe in a
power that steeps within us, above us and below us. We are used to believing we have no
power as human beings, and for us to mystically manifest we must go to someone
ordained, or look to a god. But, what we really need to understand is what Dorothy
learned in “Oz,” and that is we have the power all along. It is just a matter of getting to
know what is needed to ordain oneself, and activate the power within.

So what is a magick spell? Good question. The oldest English meaning of the word spell I
could find stated that it came from the Old High Germanic word – spellōn meaning
communication of thought by words; talk, conversation, discourse, to foretell, to mean, or
to promise. This is how the phrase “Sit for a spell” came into being when someone invited
a person to visit them. It meant sit for a talk or conversation.  
When a Witch casts spells s/he is having a conversation with the Universe. S/he is
communicating with the great Divine power much like many do when praying. However,
there are some differences between “Prayers” and “Spells”. A Prayer asks Deity. Spells
affirm their will to deity or the Universe. A Prayer is hope. A Spell is conviction.  A Prayer
is folded hands and bowed heads. A Spell is open hands, raised heads with various
gestures. Neither should be considered right or wrong, they are merely matters of
The total structure of a spell is complex yet simple. It is a matter of balancing tools,
incantations, intentions and consciousness. Allowing oneself to go into a meditative, or
sacred state help to access the connection to Source. That is why many consider
themselves Conjurors because they put themselves in an alternate state to connect to a
favorable spirit. That is also why many people who intentionally access Spirit or Source
call themselves Sorcerers. They believe themselves to be connecting to a source or the
Source. Sorcerers apply what they learn from Source to manifest their will.  Similarly,
Shamans also apply what they learn when they go into alternate states to teach, heal and
perform magick.

The true power behind casting spells is knowing what you want to manifest and stating it
clearly. Not being clear in one’s mind, and not knowing one’s own intentions, will be, at
the very least, ineffective. At worst, one may get undesirable outcomes. If the persons
desires are not thought out, and they are cloudy, and uncertain, the results of the spell will
be the same.

So, what is Intention? Intention is the formulated thought process of Will. When the
thought process is well formulated, imbued with conviction, and consistent, then intention
is a powerful vehicle to achieve goals. The human spirit signals to the Universe, and the
Universe response in turn. When good intention is well annunciated with good incantation
and spell-work the outcome will more likely be favorable.

Magickal spells are often used with herbs, oils, cauldrons, athames, wands, pentacles,
potions and altars? The tools of the spell-caster are important, but some Spiritualists need
very little, if any, articles to cast their spells. It really depends on the skills and the
experience of the practitioner.
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